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Cereals Canada needed to redefine their event experience. 

Every year Cereals Canada hosts an in-person event in 5 key regions where they share details about the year's wheat crop along with giving the audience direct access to growers. This helps buyers and millers understand the crop and how they work with it to produce their product.

About Cereals Canada


Cereals Canada unifies the value chain, connecting crop development companies, growers, exporters and railways to deliver on it's promise: to advance nourishment by offering responsibly farmed premium crops that are consistent in their quality

Due to Covid-19, Cereals needed to move to an online event format, and we had 6 weeks to help them do it. We needed to design, build and deploy a new site that would handle online events as well as email templates to support this new platform. Also, we had a critical dependency on getting content from the client when we kicked off the project.


Nothing went as planned. Everyone was working from home and our team was based in 4 cities across 4 time zones making collaboration a challenge. We also had added pressure due to a tight timeline and the client was unable to provide content as expected.


Asynchronous remote collaboration

We needed to work remotely but we had to ensure we could collaborate effectively. Our typical toolset wasn't up to the challenge because it was based on being able to work closely in person. I'd used Figma perviously (on an experimental basis) so I knew it would would be an effective solution but it was not an approved solution for the organization.

I worked with account leadership and then IT to get the tool set up in time for my UX team and design team to start working together.

Using Figma, I updated sitemaps and structured the file to keep team members on the same page and help them see what still needed to be done. I leveraged digital sticky notes for the designers and copywriters for items that needed another look. Even our copywriter was able to use the collaboration software with ease – which was a first for her.



Asynchronous remote collaboration


Client stakeholder interviews to gather information


Refactored based on evolving situations


Client stakeholder interviews to gather information

Once we figured out we weren’t getting content from our client, I asked our strategy partner to help put together content briefs that we could start using to build out wireframes. 


The content strategy got us pretty far, but we still had content gaps. Using wireframes as a visual, I started conducting stakeholder interviews. We leveraged shared documents and digital stickies, which I updated real-time in Figma. Our copywriter then took that direction to write her copy for each area.


Once we had the copy roughed in, I was able to schedule more detailed reviews. We were able to adjust copy on the fly and add sticky notes on the areas we changed. 


This technique helped bring our client into the creative process. They felt really good about the sessions and we didn’t have to add to their already full plate.

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Refactored based on an evolving situation

We were under a time pressure to deliver prior to our client's new crop event which was 2 weeks away. We needed to work with what we could control.

To be successful we realized we needed to scale back. We met with our development team and while keeping our client's goals top of mind, we reduced scope to ensure we could launch on time.


We had an "MVP" sitemap that outlined all the pages we aimed to create but by collaborating closely with our client what we actually delivered was 34% of what was initially envisioned and yet we still met all the client's key goals.


Ultimately we delivered an event experience that our client couldn’t be more thrilled with.


34 pages

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12 pages

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Events homepage
Event detail


Gosh does it look good! You guys have done a fantastic job. Every detail has been thought of.

– Brenna, our client


Looks fantastic!

– Cam, our client
New Wheat Crop Story
Wheat detail

Here's another project!

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