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Paydown Calculator

In an effort to help customers deal with credit card debt, we
wanted to build a calculator that helps customer’s figure out how
long it will take to pay off their debt.


We had some inputs already from research and some co-creation that a tool like this was something that customers were looking for.

 We kicked off a workshop to gain a full understanding of what we were solving for along with creating a shared understanding. 

Our 6 month goal that helped guide us throughout the workshop


The existing flow surrounding make a payment


Over the course of 2 days we engaged in divergent and convergent sketching, ultimately voting on features that would make up a prototype that we would concept test in front of customers.

Closeup of a sketch that has been voted on


Where we ended up at the end of day 2


Success measures


of the tool

Paying down debt
with the use of the tool 

Return visits to the tool

Understanding the tool

We determined that there were 2 main pieces to the calculator. When the customer initially sets up their plan to pay down their debt and after, when they come back in to start paying off their debt. 


Initial flow

We had 2 hypotheses for the initial flow, one that was more guided and question-based and one that got right into the calculator.

Testing found that the more guided prototype felt too long and hard. Users responded well to getting to the calculator quicker, but felt it was too quick. They wanted to know more about the product before making a commitment.

Customers felt that there was still ambiguity around how their plan would change if they continue to use their card. We did some additional usability testing to help us fine tune the flow more.



After some additional sketching with the team, we landed on 3 key concepts that we felt customers would find the most useful.

Copy only


Simple entry with details


Monthly payment progress


After some additional testing we found that customers found the simple entry with details to be the most clear. They liked the motivational visuals and how it clearly outlined what the user was supposed to do next.

We went through an end to end usability flow of both the initial and re-entry flow to fine tune details. 

Overall customers found the flow easy to use and didn’t need to resort to details other than what was shown on the dashboard.


Customers did expect to see more praise throughout and getting back into the tool was challenging. 


17 days after launch, we reached 1000 plan enrollments, which surpassed our goal of 500 enrollments. Many customers come back to revisit their plan to make sure it is on track

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